Having started operating under the Health Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission in May 2019, Monasef Ahsania Health Center has become a beacon of quality health services in Kamarjuri village in Gazipur. It was founded in February 2015 by Al-Hajj Md. Alauddin, a UK citizen from a respectable family, who named this health center after his father, late Al-Hajj Md. Monasef. This organization is well-known for providing standard and affordable healthcare services. Our utmost priority is our patients’ satisfaction. We believe that providing healthcare is a truly humanitarian endeavor and it brings great joy to positively impact the society with outstanding healthcare facilities at affordable cost. Mission and Vision Our mission is to continue providing high-quality medical support to the community and support social goodwill through our philanthropic events. The vision we have is of being a pioneer in providing healthcare service in a hale and hearty community.

Our services

General Health Services: Monasef Ahsania Health Center has been providing exemplary healthcare services, enabled by the adept physicians and resourceful staff working for the organization. Few of these vast areas of services are listed below:
  1. Reproductive and Maternal Healthcare
  2. Child Healthcare
  3. Diabetes treatment
  4. Skin and VD treatment
Diagnostic Services: Monasef Ahsania Health Center provides a comprehensive range of high-quality diagnostic tests, delivering accurate and authentic reports for the patients. The center has been providing the following diagnostic services –
  1. Hematological tests
  2. Urine tests
  3. Ultrasonogram
  4. ECG
Pharmacy: We present a plethora of medicines manufactured by renowned companies in our pharmacy, trying to ensure that all types of medicine are available at reasonable price. Our collection of pharmaceuticals is vast and abundant. Monasef Ahsania Health Centre is an appraised and well-regarded healthcare facility. Our dedication lies concrete and honest for all our customers and aims for their satisfaction and betterment. The Center hopes to endlessly serve the community people.
788, Kamarjuri, National University, Gazipur For any query:  01799828450
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